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The haunting of Sharon Tate is a crock of tasteless Hollywood wanting to make $$ off slain pregnant

Slain pregnant mOm to Be. So say what you like about Roman Polanski I love his films that’s all I’m going to say but what happened to his wife was so tragic and so disgusting and sad and OK maybe one or two interviews in her life that she said she had a nightmare/premonition possibly of being dead one by either hanginf by the neck I believe or sitting in a chair? I’m not positive on the exact details but now to make a film that is so outrageously 99% fictitious the last one percent true and simply a slaughter of a pregnant woman near about to give birth here’s the trailer watch and see what you see and just tell me if you’re as outraged as I am and I’m top of that people really Hillary fucking Duff? Enough said !! https://youtu.be/HiC4WSuXCkU

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