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Mini brainwashed child slams LGBTQ...

Updated: Dec 25, 2020


Omg this lil girl is SOOOOOOOOO brainwashed

by right wing lunatic parents no doubt you KNOW she didn’t write her dialogue that she speaks in this video just listen to it it has to be written by an adult and she’s just reading it and got to know it I mean no child her age comes up with that shit it’s hateful it’s racist and it’s so sad

“I used to live in California but now I live in some lib’ ‘tard city”... yeah... only paranoid bigots refer to us (anyone they feel is “pushing an agenda”) as lib’ ‘tards’ lol I mean she can’t be older than maybe 10? There’s no way she didn’t learn this directly from her parents

but watch it because it’s important to see that people are really raising their kids with this kind of bigotry


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