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Hey all my veep has really hit rock bottom :-) please read on I need some help desperately

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Hey everyone I am the average life for these batteries and stuff is I’m told about six months to a year or so well I’ve had mine for over two years and three months now and it works but it barely works and it’s staying super fast it is been such a trooper and lasted through so much I’m so satisfied with it but at this point I just really need to get another one does anybody have any idea of even a spare one that you may have that may not be in Spanish it was their second even last me until I can afford to get another one? My local shop has them between 45 and $67 and that’s way out of my price range right now I’m

A collector of movies and I could easily find you things you couldn’t find anywhere else I pretty much guarantee yet but I am wondering if anyone even has an older battery like this one maybe no one not so be it up but that you have a spare that you might be able to part with? I’m in a reasonable price maybe I’m in $20-$30 range? I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask but I’m getting desperate because I’m very very poor in for a couple months and I’m not gonna have funds to buy a new one and this one may not last more than a week or so with a sad so I’m asking my friends please please let me know and if it’s a thing like I have one but I’d like some movies let me know and we can get in touch and I can give you my entire list of thousands of movies and I’ll be glad to help in whatever way I can and for trade for whatever please let me know I’m pretty desperate thanks for your time Kenny Lo e. Kenny@kennylove.org . .

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