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Hello out there world at 2:43AM....

There has been LOTS happening Here on the homefront Been cleaning like my life depends on it. Been scrubbing walls, toilets, tubs, ovens, (walls over and next to ovens which we all lnow can be equally sneaky over time).

I’ve created so much heavy trash that I’m saving strength for tomorrow to lug it down to dumpsters. I’ve spared no expensse in The fact that I’ve thrown just about anything and everything out that was in my way and then I’ve contemplated sometimes for years now it’s all been thrown away which makes a lot of heavy trash let me tell you I feel so majorly wonderful to have one open spaces and Barely this is the trash out and be gone that forever I have a storage unit in the basement in the apartment complex where I live and I have one item in there I have an old air-conditioner it doesn’t fit the windows in my window units here because of the shape of the windows here there is only one item in there and I decided long though that if I start to fall that unit that I would never finally get rid of the things I needed to get rid of so I have kept it empty and I’ve kept it humiliating in the apartment and now it’s finally getting cleaned and is going to be leaving the apartment and it feels wonderful I’m telling you it’s better than therapy it’s better than therapeutic drugs all of it is the feeling of letting go throwing things away and just saying you know what? I don’t know yet I haven’t needed it for how long? Then I just don’t need it so salad away and be done with it and there you go later tonight before I started to really wind down and run out of energy I started to vacuum up all of the space that I have cleared out and it really started to hit me how much space I have compare to what I thought I had because it was covered in stuff it feels wonderful I’ll talk to you again tomorrow my back is been hurting something fierce and I live on the third floor so doing those trips with the heavy trash is gonna be a huge effort tomorrow so I may not get a lot of cleaning done but if I can get the trash out at the very least? And that is better in the Longrun and then I can rest up and get back on track the next day love you all hope you’re doing well bye-bye for now

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