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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful donations that you just sent

I want to thank everybody who has shown such great support!
Also a bunch of thumb drives that you can put into any USB port in your computer or whatever will play or USB are being handed out randomly for free and these USB sticks contain MP3s of my first two albums for free for anyone who gets one as long as you would like you can listen to the music as much as you like and share it with others please so be on the lookout for very cute pastel colored USB sticks that will be handed out there handed out everywhere and if you can't find one and you would like one please email me call me or fax me and I will get one out to you in the mail

I also want to make a shout out to my generous benefactor who helps keep this site up and running and without his help we would not still be here so thank you from the bottom of my heart I love you

Hiya I just want to ask if anyone has any good or bad experiences with CD baby a company that helps press music for independent artists please let me know if you have any information it’s greatly appreciated

Hello all my wonderful wonderful friends out there in cyberspace :-) it’s amazing to touch base here once again I’ve been having some issues with one of my older keyboards it doesn’t have the full 88 keys so I’ve been having a couple of issues trying to tweak a few songs of mine but not to worry I’m on the hunt to get out of storage my prize possession my full piano I name her Molly Courtney maybe but that’s your name :-) so hopefully even more music will become even sooner than anyone expects .
 Shout out to my wonderful friends Marlynnn and Tiffany for being amazing friend supports from now and for always 

 site is no longer shutting down!!!
Been so happy because since I started out  it it’s when I connected with so many different people that really connected with the same has a music I like I am the same sounds  of stories and I’m an open book you can ask me anything and I’ll wear my heart on my sleeve and I’ll be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on but also be the voice saying “move on now I’ll hep ya do” for  me alone as well as the end this may sound strange to some although I  it incredibly flattering majority of my fans I find I am are from Australia and I’ve always loved Australia and have loved Australian music I’m your type of humour your laid-back Ness you’re beautiful beautiful country ( and how can I not help but notice all of the incredibly sexy Australian man of all sizes too) and landscapes and I am proud that I have a lot of fans there so chat with me any time anyhow let your go for now  I just did not want you to logon and see the site down if not have a forewarning that it was coming please never stop believing in yourself please always believe that I will believe in you like I have promised no matter what distances in a matter what website I can’t afford to keep up I love you and you show me love to you and that means more to me in life than you can possibly ever know Remember you can always reach me on my Twitter (@MrKennyLove) email ( Instagram (MrKennyLove) which I don’t use a lot but I’m getting there I am as well as my YouTube and the music O. K. there I’ll shut up for now I just want to give you a heads up of the doom that is soon to come I’m sure but let’s hold our heads high and enjoy the time we have left love peace and hair grease ya’all! ;-)

 You up in sunny south Florida lived there until I was 18 lived in Virginia for a couple years and then to western New York and I’m still in the western into central New York area as we speak  I singing song right directly from my God it’s me on the piano and we are on a different stratosphere I’m telling you and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea :-) but those who have connected with it so far has said the most heartfelt wonderful things and I’m touched that others feel connected and sometimes it’s hard to feel connected believe me I know 


Still rocking it on

February 11, 2023

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Summer Tour Dates Released

February 11, 2023

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KeNnY lOvE’s music and video land Performs in Charity Album Show

February 11, 2023

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NEW FREE USB STICKS with my forst 2 albums on mp3!!

August 10, 2021

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New music is finally being created

October 10, 2021

I recently got a new electronics piano it’s full 88 keys waited just like my old one but it has lots of neat sound effects to it as well so I am you know I’m messing around with different beats and some interesting sounds and I think the rest of the album three is gonna sound completely different than anything I’ve ever done I’m so excited

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Things you Dont Need 2 Know but we live for social media  whether we like it or not so here it all goes peeps

ALSO.... I tend to sneak in links here on the page, of current things I feel I HAVE to share.... random almost always! ...

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April 24, 2019

It's official!!! This site now offers ALL of my song/album downloads totally FREE of cost!! (FREE to download!!! However you may be prompted to see if you might like to donate to help me KEEP all music free! :)

Emily Wells “Becomes the Color” AWESOME Song!!

February 11, 2023

 You have to check out this song its so awesome and unique I personally feel!! 
it’s from the soundtrack it’s basically the theme song for that very disturbing awesome drama movie called “Stoker” with Nicole Kidman check out the song now !! Xoxo

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FYI yes... Album 3 STILL in the works.... :-?


Out of the System - live album

May 2001

 My freshman album is like a diary quite literally it spawned fan favourites such as Dirty Laundry ( my personal opinion and metaphorical take on priest doing nasty things to little boys and trying to get away with it ) 
Rebel ( A song about the very first love I ever had and the man that you’ll never forget that sometimes you’re just still want to go see that searing pain just to be with them mentally once again here and there)
 Amanda (Originally it was going to be a B-side however I metaphorical song about a girl I grew up with on my YouTube page is finder close to 4000 listens alone already surprisingly and I get written about it all the time especially because it references the secret of him a lot of childhood memories there too I guess l) 


Beyond the Veil - a songscape - live album

May 2001

  Myself my album I subtitled a song scape because sonically from beginning to end the way it is structured it has similar enough and weaves certain themes along with the storylines that it has a certain tale from beginning to end sort of like a musical play  
it also spawned my very most precious song so far and number one fan favourite by far that I’ve ever been asked about and still I am called “Surreal Life” ( affectionately referred to often as that Norman Rockwell song ) 
 This album also deals with some heavy issues such as dealing with those promiscuous confusing slutty years of sex drugs and mental anxiety and even toying with being on the verge of considering suicide at some points such as in the song title song “Beyond the Veil” which many people tell me they relate to feeling that they were on that edge once or twice in life it touches me deeply. 
 I also wrote a song on it based on the true story of a woman who suffered years of horrific abuse the song is called Elanor and it’s based on the true story ( films such as an American crime as well as The girl next door are based on this woman is true horrific tale it just brought me to tears immediately and the song poured out of me as a desperate cry of a poor girl screaming out in agony why some people just can’t seem to “ Live without this violence at their feet” 
 And I must mention at least the song I wrote for my grandmother who sadly passed on by now “something darkened this way comes” in which the actual chorus has no lyrics when it comes time for the chorus because of her increasingly mentally confused state it’s simply piano music the song is dear to my heart the lyrics are extremely personal and I cry almost every time I play it. 
 This album even comes with a nasty foul hidden track at the end :-) I hope everyone else loves the album as much as I do this project of love 


The End... is already here - live album

January 2012

Album three started out strong as ever ended up lagging and maybe will be just an EP only ( I still am very interested in fully pursuing a full cover album however for awhile this almost took the back burner and the cover album almost took off but then we wobbled back to reality) and now we turned out stronger it is definitely going to be a full live album number three however years and years later it is still only halfway written I’ll keep you guys updated 
however so far it contains some of the most complex and intense classically inspired piano pieces I have ever constructed proudly and that I’ve ever dared recorded and as a result I’m proud to say the fan seem to love it!! such as “cocaine and bad boys” and “Sophie’s choice” take a listen  on my YouTube Playlists page please xoxo

Of course you are free to purchase songs one r more song at a time On my main page if you may like whatever you would like to do ! 

Hands girl playing piano

Music Reviews:

Respected Insights from fans 



Your music is terrific! Hope you continue to be well and are enjoying life. I'm glad to see your talents are not laying dormant.


Hi, I was actually sharing another band on n1m and I recommended your song by mistake. Best mistake I ever made. Thanks for your music. I love yor work. And I think it's real brave of you to put yourself out there and give so much of yourself to people without expecting anything. Marian


WOW! I fell in love with your music! Sorry, that's kinda corny, but it's how I feel. I'm ur fan. I just forwarded your link to several friends. Will be buying your album. Keep it up, you have wonderful talent...good luck PS I spent almost the whole day yesterday listening to your music ;)

Have a look at my Kenny Love - Official Number One Music page!

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What is a “LIVE ALBUM”?!

Thank you for dropping by. KeNnY lOvE’s musical stratosphere he is happy that you’ve taken the time to check out his  website. Kenny Love (BORN: Robert Kenneth Butler), embarked on his musical voyage of discovery as a young Musician, growing up listening to a variety of musicians and genres from 50’s and 60’s all the way through musical timelines up even to the likes of Marilyn Manson, Tori Amos, Lady GaGa, Sarah Selena, Sophie B Hawkins, and COINTLESS others that have played an influential role in shaping his unique signature sound. (The “LIVE ALBUM”  Concent comes from his heart he truly believes that if it takes all day to recreate required the right sounding version of a song from start to finish with no breaks no edits, occasional vocal and/or Piano imperfections, as if you were playing or fan audience it’s live recording in full of emotion and truth!!
  KeNnY lOvE’s musical stratosphere seeks to offer something different and unique to his fans by creating and sharing original music that he is super proud to call HIS own. For more information please get in touch.